Friday, January 28, 2011


What happened was this: I was sitting on my couch, reading Peter Guralnick's (so far) excellent biography of Elvis Presley, Last Train to Memphis, and my attention wandered for a few moments.  Somewhere in those few moments, my mind apparently determined that the time had come for me to create a Stephen King-flavored blog.

And here we are.  Or, at least, here I am.  I don't really know if you're there or not, and I suspect that, if I allow this sentence to go on much further, you won't be there much longer even if you are there.

Pausing for a moment to regain control ... annnnnnnnd, we're good.

Part of what has motivated this is the likelihood that -- once near undreamed -- King's Dark Tower cycle may be getting a Lord of the Rings-style Hollywood adaptation, and if that happens, it may prove to be a very interesting next few years for King fans, at least 0.00019% of whom are just bound to want to know what I've got to say about it all, surely.

But really, isn't every year an interesting one for a devoted Stephen King fan?  Honestly, when was the last time a year went by in which the man failed to produce -- either directly or, by virtue of one of his works being successfully adapted, indirectly -- something well worth yakking about? 

Wasn't 2010: Full Dark, No Stars found the master returning to one of his greatest strengths, the novella, and it was a return well worth the wait. 

Wasn't 2009: Under the Dome, warts and all (I never needed to read a novel in which the main male character is called Barbie), was a rousing piece of epic socially conscious science fiction, and even if it had been a complete dud, it would have been worth it just for the excerpts of The Cannibals King posted on his website. 

Wasn't 2008, either: as far as I'm concerned, Duma Key is one of the best novels King has ever written.

This could go on for a while, but let's go ahead and cut the ride in the TARDIS short before we end up listening to Terence Trent Darby again.  Nobody needs that.

My point is, Stephen King rules, and I have thoughts on the subject, and you're welcome to read them.  Sound good?  Awesome of you to approve.

Next time, I'll try to have something substantive to say.  Until then, just remember: Roland is a Pepsi man, but it's only 'cause he never drank a Coca-Cola.

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