Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stephen King On Blu-ray

Recently, I bit a bullet: I purchased a Blu-ray player.  I'd been saying I wasn't going to do this for a while, on account of the fact that I haven't yet been able to save up enough money to buy myself an HD-capable television.  Nope; still stuck with my 1998 Zenith, which downscales Blu-ray to a glorious 480p.  That's 600p less than 1080!  Six hundred ps missing!

But, I was determined to buy the Bond 50 Blu-ray set while it was cheap as hell, since that would be WAY up on my list of the first purchases I would need to make when I finally do get around to buying that 3D-capable el humungo teevee I will eventually buy.

And so it is that now, my extensive collection of Stephen King DVDs feels just kinda sad and outdated.  They'll all have to be upgraded at some point, of course, and I'm sure I'll complete that process just in time for the next leap forward in technology, whatever that ends up being.  Ah, well; such is the life of a low-income collector.

It got me to thinking: how many King movies are actually available on Blu-ray?  It's a question I don't know how to answer; deprived of HD as I've been, I've mostly opted to not pay attention to what's out there and what isn't.

So: research time!  And I figured, why not pass along the fruits of that labor to you?

Naturally, Carrie -- the King flick that started the whole thing -- is available.  I'm not the biggest fan of this flick, but it would be a travesty if it weren't on Blu.

(And in case you are wondering, no, I get no kickback of any kind from Amazon for these links.  They are for your convenience only.  I won't rule out advertising in some way eventually, but I'll be avoiding it for the foreseeable future.)

(It's also worth noting that this research only takes Region 1 releases into account.  I've got a few readers who will not be helped by this at all.  Sorry, Australia!)

There are several other Children of the Corn flicks out there on Blu, too, but I won;t be linking to most of those; you're on your own with that shit.

Creepy Nazi action for $11.97!  Why you so creepy, Gandalf?

The Blue Mile on Green-ray for eight-freakin'-ninety-nine!  Worth every penny!  Buy two!

Secret Window for $10.99!  Underrated!

1408 for $14.08 (plus an additional $0.41)!  This movie sucks!

The Mist is worth more than $11.48!  Send Amazon a few extra bucks!  (Don't; that'd be stupid.)

I can't get Christine, but I can get Dolan's Cadillac?!?  At least it's only $9.75.

No Storm of the Century, but the remake of Children of the Corn is a go!  It's $7.79, which is half the budget of this piece of corn-laden shit!

And finally, loath as I am to promote them, you can get seasons one and two of Haven; together it'll set ya back nearly sixty bucks, and surely you've got better things to do with sixty bucks than this...


I'm sure more King titles will go hi-def one of these days, especially if the floodgate of new King movies ever opens the way it's been threatening to lately.  I'd love to see the original Salem's Lot on Blu, as well as Maximum Overdrive, for some reason.  And maybe, someday, a complete-series version of Golden Years with the original and uncut episodes, plus Needful Things with the longer television edit as a bonus feature.

Make it happen, Hollywood!


  1. lol re: Sleepwalkers. (And I'm with you on that term - I only use it when it actually happens. Sometimes I'll give a "haha" if I only crack a smile, but mainly, I think "haha" looks almost kinda-mean in print... Anyway)

    That is an INSANE price for The Running Man.

    And although I hate the movie, I really love that cover for the Thinner blu-ray.

    I finished this huge-ass acquisitions project for regular-old-DVDs only earlier this year... it's a cruel joke. I might just skip blu-rays altogether and wait til the next upgrade. Somewhere, the ghost of Gene Roddenberry is laughing at me. Looking back on my Star Trek purchases on VHS, then laser disc, then DVD, and adding them up, I literally cringe...

    Hell, I found an ad for Temple of Doom on VHS in an old Life magazine the other week and tacked it up here by my desk. "Now on Videocassette - only $29.95!" Unreal.

    1. I remember paying in excess of $50 for laserdiscs. Ah, having a job while living at home...

      I kinda like that cover art for Thinner, too. Terrible movie, but I appreciate them putting at least some effort into the presentation.

  2. And, as you know, I'm a fan of 1408, but that blurb on the cover is... very inaccurate.

    1. It really is. That is why I have to be firm in my dislike for it. No quarter!

  3. Storm of the Century is so visual, I can't believe that it has not been released on Blu Ray! I tend to rent rather than buy blu ray.