Friday, November 2, 2012

Bryant Has Issues #22

Fair warning: this is not exactly going to be me at my best.  I got some terrible work-related news earlier this evening, and while it doesn't affect me directly, it's almost certainly going to make for some interesting times on the job in the near future.  You know the ancient Chinese curse relating to interesting times, right?  Well, we seem to be there again.

So if I seem a bit off my game tonight (to the extent I even have game), chalk it up to distractedness.  Or to sucking in general.

Speaking of sucking, let's talk about the new issue of American Vampire, which doesn't.

I'm on the record as having been unimpressed by the wrap-up to Lord of the Nightmares, the recent five-part spinoff miniseries; and so it is with great pleasure that I say the main American Vampire series continues to impress me.  It's one of the best ongoing comics on the market.