Saturday, January 26, 2013

Send Some Good Thoughts to Peter David, Won't You?

In the most recent issue of Comic Shop News, I ran across the following news item, which I'm going to reproduce in its entirety:

Fan-favorite writer Peter David suffered a stroke on December 30th; the first word of the stroke was shared by Peter David himself on his blog at, but subsequent reports have been shared with his many friends, colleagues, and fans by his wife Kathleen.  She reported on her blog at that "he has lost most of the use of his right arm, his right leg is incredibly weak, the vision in his right eye is blurry, and the right side of his face is drooping slightly.  But the brain is there with all its quips and quick retorts.  He has had the nurses laughing a lot.

Kathleen went on o explain that Peter has a stint in rehab ahead of him, although he is trying to maintain as much normalcy in his life as possible; she added that "he revised an X-Factor script for his editor at Marvel, which I think made him feel good / more normal than he has been feeling."

She explained that "Peter is doing better every day...  Peter says it is both gratifying and humbling about the number of people who are praying for them and keeping him in their thoughts and he appreciates and is thanful to each and every one of you."

Both Ward Batty and Cliff Biggers of CSN have counted Peter among our friends even before we ever launched CSN, and we join everyone else in hoping for as rapid and complete a recovery as possible -- and knowing Peter, he won't settle for anything less!

As many Stephen King fans will undoubtedly be aware, David is one of the key creative components behind the Dark Tower comic-book series for Marvel.  He has scripted all but a small handful of the issues that have been published since Marvel began the series in 2007.

Peter David at Shore Leave [image stolen from

We here at The Truth Inside The Lie headquarters -- which, granted, is only me and four cats -- wish Mr. David a speedy recovery.  We've been reading his work on The Dark Tower for going on six years now, and in my teenage years I read many a Star Trek novel that had flowed from his pen.

Get well soon, sir!

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  1. Echoed times a thousand. Been reading this guy since I was twelve years old.

    (I asked him recently on the twitter why he kept spelling Data "D.A.T.A." in one of his old TNG novels, Strike Zone (I think). He couldn't remember but he was cool enough to respond a couple of times. He and JM DeMatteis, another favorite writer of mine from the 80s, are both really cool to fans.) I always thought the TNG movie-folks could've done a lot worse than bring him on board.

    (Still could, damn it!)

    Might have to break out some of my old Hulks...