Monday, May 13, 2013

Want a hardcover "Joyland"? ACT QUICKLY!!!

Titan Books put three limited-edition hardback versions of Joyland on sale this morning.  If you want one, go here, and if you want a signed edition, I wouldn't even finish reading this sentence.  See there, you probably missed out!

The major selling-point for me, here, is simply having a hardback copy of the book.  Narrowly behind that: the art by Robert McGinnis, who did a few James Bond posters (among what I'm sure are numerous other fine achievements in a decades-long career).  So this purchase pleases the Stephen King fan, but also tickles my love for 007 a bit.

Anyways, there's a 1500-copy unsigned edition for relatively cheap (the prices are in UK currency, but the unsigned edition seems to be roughly $40 American, which ain't bad at all for a limited-edition).  I ordered one, and consider my Monday morning to be off to a fairly good start as a result.

Most days, I wouldn't be anywhere close to awake this time of the day.  Looks like a little insomnia can have its upside once in a while!


  1. AYE! Glad to read this.. I missed out on the special edition of NOS4A2!! I didn't realize it was on sale!!

    1. Sigh...

      I knew about the limited edition of NOS4A2, and even had a copy pre-ordered. But my car died, and in order to scrape up a down-payment on a new one I had to cancel the order. And then by the time I could afford it again, it was sold out.


      Definition of a First World Problem, there...

  2. While i have to admit I'm more inclined toward the earlier book cover that's been displayed on King's site (probably just a case of familiarity breeding fondness) I admit the whole map on the backcover is a nice touch.

    I wonder if there's anything else in store for this book, but take whatever salt necessary.


    1. I really love both covers, but if I had -- HAD -- to pick one, I'd pick the new one. I love the colors, and the posture of the woman makes me think of Bond movies.

      On the other hand, I love redheads. And redheads in green dresses...? Even better.