Monday, September 30, 2013

Haven 4.03: "Bad Blood"

Not much time tonight, folks, so this is gonna be a quick one.  Mainly, just a formality, in the sense of "what's the minimum amount of time I can spend writing a Haven review that still feels like a Haven review of SOME sort?"

So be it.

The Trouble of the Week this time was a decent idea: there's this dude, see, and if he accidentally spills any of his own blood, that blood takes on a life of its own and begins seeking out the man's worst enemy, which it will then kill.  In this case, that's Nathan, who the man hates because he prevented the Troubles from ending.

Problem is, several other people get killed over the course of the episode, too, and despite having watched the entire thing, I do not recall there being an explanation as to why that happens.  Is my memory at fault, or is the screenplay at fault?  This must remain a mystery for the time being.

This is, according to Wikipedia, at least the fourteenth episode of a television series to be named "Bad Blood."  Others include True Blood (makes sense), Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, Degrassi High (!), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But I will only ever think of the episode of The X-Files from its fifth season that bears that title.  Written by Vince Gilligan and co-starring Luke Wilson, this tale of trailer-park-dwelling vampires is arguably one of the best -- and funniest -- episodes of that entire series.

So Haven was going to have work hard to make me forget about that episode during this one, and - -this will shock you -- it turned out not to be up to the challenge.

It's a decent episode, though.  A good bit of it is dedicated to the Audrey/Lexie plotline featuring Colin Ferguson.  I wondered last week exactly how long they'd been in that bar, and as it turns out, that was a good question to ask.  See, they're not in a bar at all; they're still in the barn, that enigmatic structure which ended last season and began this one.  Lexie is finally believing that there's something going on that exceeds the normal, and I am definitely curious to find out what that might be.  Haven still hasn't earned quite enough of my trust to make me feel 100% positive that the answer will be satisfactory, but I'm more sure of it than I am about what's going on over at Under the Dome.  So there's that, at least.

Elsewhere in the episode, Vince and Dave try to work out their feelings of remorse for Audrey and resentment/hatred of Nathan; Duke continues to try to convince his brother Wade -- of whom I am already tired -- to leave town; Jordan reveals that she'd kind of rather be dead than keep living like she is; and Jennifer begins hearing Audrey again.

So, does that meet the bare minimum expectation for a review?  If'n it does or if'n it don't, it's gonna have to do.

One final note, though: the "bar" where "Lexie" has been "working" gets a name this week: the Oatley Tap Room.  That ought to make a few Stephen King fans chuckle.  It did me.  (I wonder if it was there the past couple of weeks, too, and I failed to notice.)

Annnnnnnd.....I'm out!


  1. I had to google Oatley Tap, alas. I knew skipping Talisman was gonna cost me...

    I love the crap out of that X-Files episode. (And I had no idea it was written by Vince Gilligan - how awesome is that?)

  2. (Just had a look at his imdb and he wrote many of my other favorite episodes, as well. Nice.)

    1. I'll be watching whatever it is that Gilligan does next, but my dream assignment would be for him to spearhead an "X-Files" revival on Fox. Never gonna happen, though. Unless I can find a genie 'round here somewhere...

  3. I am so behind on Haven! Hoping to catch up this weekend.

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