Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haven 4.06: "Countdown"

October 22.  Shortly after midnight.  Have finished watching past Friday's episode of Haven.  Have determined that blog review of said episode be written only in broken sentences.  Reason for this odd determination unclear even to self; no matter.  Pursue plan regardless of outcome.

Skeptical as to ability to write entire post without mistakenly creating minimum of one complete sentence.  Reading of post therefore becomes suspenseful -- hanging in balance: bizarre act of whimsy, enacted by blogger.  Focus required; too late, realization of having forgotten to take notes during watching of episode.

Post likely to contain spoilers; if not caught up, perhaps best to not read.  Risk never knowing result of Incomplete Sentence Fest 2013; price tag to all things.

"Countdown," in end, perhaps favorite episode of season to date.  Plot advance significantly, on multiple fronts.  Haven hit or miss in this regard; success welcome this week.

Trouble of the Week involve disgruntled auto-parts employee, continually annoyed by one thing or other; focus rage on person, person then begin seeing countdown -- 14:59, 14:58, 14:57, so forth -- on screen of any electronic device.  Reach 00:00?  Person become petrified or some such, fall over dead.  Troubled man become angered again, new person have short lease on life.

Fairly decent as far Trouble of Week goes.  

Main thrust of episode character-related, involve Audrey attempting to keep Nathan in dark as to fact that she Audrey, and not Lexie.  Audrey thoroughly unsuccessful in this regard; Nathan discover non-"Lexie"dom as result of Audrey refer to Deputy Tatum as "Tater."  Officer Tater perish during course of episode; hopes for repeat appearances by spudly officer dashed.  Inconsolable with grief, me.

Nathan, natch, angry for to be deceived by onetime shag partner; declare intention to have her kill him, thereby bringing Troubles to an end.  Jordan supportive in this regard.  Jordan also busy developing Plan B: turn Wade Crocker into evil version of Duke, maddened by blood fever and desirous of to please Jordan.  This no impediment to writers finding way of to have Wade murder Jordan prior to end of episode.

Spoiler warning not sufficient?  Regret insufficiency.

Lamentable lack of Jennifer this episode.  Bryant nonplussed.  (Bryant not technically nonplussed, given strict definition of word "nonplussed"; Bryant merely desirous of using word "nonplussed" multiple times during course of post.)

Performance of actor cast as Wade -- Christian Camargo, a.k.a. Ice Truck Killer on Dexter season one -- solid, but Bryant similarly nonplussed by rapidity of W. Crocker's descent to the Dark Side.  Darth Vader at least get to mope for two movies prior; W. Crocker has seemed genteel, if perhaps overly losery.  Not sure sudden turn to Evil make complete sense.  Assume Wade become endeadened by Duke prior to conclusion of season; therefore, not worry overmuch.  Also, Camargo good as to play Evil; support furtherance of same going forward.

Remark last week upon nimble skill of Emily Rose while play of Audrey/"Lexie" and various combinations of same.  Trend continue this week, with even further wrinkle: play Audrey playing Lexie badly (so as audience aware of delicacy of maintenance of secret from Nathan) but well enough that continued maintenance of secret from Nathan be plausible.  Later, drop level of skill at same just enough so as be able to make Nathan's see-throughance of charade seem plausible also.  Rose -- gifted with opportunity to say thing like as to "I gots ta get paid..." -- turn in FANTASTIC performance during course of these two episodes.

Blogger believe further commentary on episode unnecessary.  Series continue solid streak; season thus far bat roughly 5-6, batting percentage of which solid.  Blogger believe series may have firmly found footing; perhaps not ever turn into classic series, but blogger believe not all series have need of to be classic.  Good perhaps enough on occasion.

Blogger believe self to have successfully achieve of goal for post.  Blogger be back later in week with review of Carrie remake, blogger hope; blogger also desirous of to find time watch film second time, for to take of the notes.

Blogger not make of promise, therefore.


  1. Guest editorial by Rorschach? Hrrrrrm...

    1. Commenter will not be surprised to learn that blogger thought of Rorschach very specificially while writing post. Congratulates commenter on his powers of discernment!