Monday, November 11, 2013

Haven 4.09: "William"

Well, well . . . another solid episode this week.

There will, of course, be mucho spoilers in this teeny-tiny review -- "teeny-tiny" because I've got to go to work in a little while, and I really want to go pick up some buffalo wings on the way.  In the "buffalo wings vs. Haven" competition, Haven will lose virtually every time.  So will most shows, though, and let's not let this impending repast of mine seem like a referendum on the series.  It isn't.

In fact, I continue to be impressed by just how much better the series has gotten this season.  This week, the cliffhanger from "Crush" gets resolved immediately, as we see that Audrey has failed to get out of the cockadoodie car fired her weapon not at Nathan, but at the huge man from the Barn.  Did I expect Audrey to shoot Nathan?  No, not really; so this sort of thing doesn't bother me.  There was -- for me, at least -- never much suspense in whether or not Nathan would be killed; the suspense lay in the means by which it would be averted.  And for me, this works relatively well.

And let's face it, if you had a gun and found Robert Maillet in your apartment, wouldn't you shoot him, too?

Dude looks like he means business; I'd plug him, and right quick.

Audrey misses, though, so he scampers away on whatever creepy business he is conducting.  Soon enough, we find out that his squirrelly associate has kidnapped Dwight.  The two of them are looking for a box of some sort.  Our heroes free Dwight, but find that Sinister Man and Heavy -- this is how the characters are billed on IMDb, and who am I to disrespect IMDb? -- have another prisoner: William, the guy who helped Lexie escape the Barn.

William has no memory of Audrey/Lexie, nor any idea of who he himself actually is.  Meanwhile, Sinister Man and Heavy are making people inside the police station act really weird by -- not even shitting you -- shooting stones out of their mouths and into people's ears.  These stones -- or discs, or whatever they are -- make people prone to suggestion, which then turns into semi-hallucinatory obsessive behavior.  For example, Sinister Man suggests that Dwight needs to focus on finding the person who's been killing Havenites, and so Dwight becomes focused on the idea that Duke is the killer.  Later, Sinister Man suggests that Nathan has a romantic rival in William, so Nathan takes that idea poorly.

Heavy turns his energies on Jennifer, by suggesting that Duke's real motivation in sleeping with her is to get her back in the nuthouse at some point.  This is ridiculous.  Clearly, Duke's motivation for sleeping with Jennifer is that she is smoking hot.  Ah-hah...!  But it works for the episode, because many and many a hot woman manages to somehow have no clue that they are hot; so Jennifer very plausibly might suspect Duke's motivations even without Robert Maillet spitting a disc into her ear that renders her susceptible to suggestion.

And now comes the big-time spoiler.

You ready?

Here it comes.


It turns out that William himself is behind all of this; Sinister Man and Heavy work for him.  He hasn't forgotten anything about Audrey/Lexie, or himself.  In fact, he seems to believe that the two of them shared some sort of past, possibly even before any of her pre-Audrey incarnations.  The box he is looking for contains some sort of flower that he thinks will jog Audrey's memory; it doesn't, so the flower turns into more of those weird stone things, which have all sorts of uses.

The whole thing resolves with Nathan, Dwight, and Jennifer returning to normal.  William says to Audrey, "There's someone else in there; the real you.  And she . . . IS MINE."  His voice changes on the last two words; he no longer sounds like Colin Ferguson, but like freakin' Satan.  Something ominous about this guy...

And that is more or less that.  We'll see where it goes from here.  Four episodes left, and hey, whattaya know . . . I'm looking forward to them!


  1. I tried to look on Wikipedia (yes yes I know...) to see if this had been picked up for another season or if this is the last one and there wasn't any info on it yet. Have you heard? I am just wondering if we have to see this wrap up in four episodes!!!

    1. To the best of my knowledge, it has not been renewed, but this is also NOT planned to be the final season.

      In other words, if it gets canceled, expect it to be on a cliffhanger.

      I doubt that will happen, though. The ratings aren't good, but they're no worse than last season's.

    2. The worst is when a serious gets dumped on a cliff hanger. Man I will be pissed. Another show I watch The Killing.. is canceled but at least the final season is going to be shown on Netflix and I can watch it there.

    3. I was glad to hear Netflix was going to finish out "The Killing." The third season was its best, so it would've been a real shame for that to be the end!