Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pardon My French (and German)

No, not because of all the profanities I use.  Sorry bout 'em, though, I guess.

Instead, this:


For those of you who have not heard about it already, this is the "cover" of an upcoming French e-book by Stephen King.  "Sale Gosse" is a short story -- English translation, "Bad Little Kid" -- that King is publishing exclusively in France and Germany, as a means of saying thanks to his European fans, who greeted him with great warmth on his recent overseas book tour for Doctor Sleep.

Here's the German cover:

The story comes out on March 14, and I have no idea how one would go about getting their digital hands on a copy.  And since I don't speak either language, it wouldn't matter anyways.  I mean, je parle un tres -- tres tres -- peu de Francais, mais not enough to actually sit down and read a French-language story.

I gave up spending time on various King-related messageboards months ago, because I found spending time there to be an annoying, frustrating, galling, and trying use of my time.  So I don't really know what the response of the King fan community at large has been to this news of "Bad Little Kid."  I have very little doubt that some fans are upset about it.

As for me, I'm cool with it.  Don't get me wrong, I wish I was going to get to read the story as soon as it comes out.  But I also think it's tres cool for King to show a little favor toward his French and German fans; I'm sure they are absolutely delighted by this, and I'm happy for them.  I'm sure I'll eventually get the chance to read the English-language original; there are no current plans for an American edition, but if nothing else, I'm sure it'll appear in King's next story collection a few years down the road.  I prefer to read the short stories as they are released, but can I live with having to wait?  Yeah, sure.  Of course!

So, no "sacre bleu!" from this blogger; he thinks un petit cadeau pour les Kingphiles Francaises (et les Allemandes), c'est si bon.  Au revoir pour aujourd'hui!


  1. I think it's awesome that he did this.
    The first comment of the SK board was, "Wait no english version!?"
    Cry babies. Now where's my dead zone on audio!? haha
    I'm sure it'll be in the next collection, if not whatever.

    1. Why does it not surprise me that that was the lead-off comment over there? That place bums me out. It also turns me into (more of) a dick, for no real reason I can figure out. So I stay away, mostly.

      I have zero doubt that there will eventually be an English version. I wouldn't want EVERY King story to be treated this way, but I'm with ya; I think it's cool for him to do this.

    2. I've stopped going to any forum (ditto for news sites) where I can predict the tone, tenor, and reaction. What's the point? The SK Forum MORE than fits the mold on this one.

    3. So far, that's my experience with more or less EVERY forum after a while. It makes me wonder, sometimes, if maybe I'M not the problem.

      If so, I've opted to gracefully remove myself from that equation as often as possible.

  2. I am patiently waiting... I know it'll be in English. So... I just twiddle my thumbs and wait.

    1. Right there with you. I'd offer to have one of those thumb battles, but I'd probably lose; I suck at that game.