Sunday, March 19, 2017

"The Dark Tower" has a poster, y'all

This is all it took to get me excited about The Dark Tower again:


It's still possible that awesome movies based on It and The Dark Tower will play in movie theatres this year.
Let that shit sink in for a second.
Bring it on!


  1. Sorry, but I'm still not excited about it in the least. I may rent it from Netflix eventually if I run out of things to watch, but really I couldn't care less if I never see it. And I'm definitely not going to spend money to see it in a theater and encourage the studio to continue butchering the source material. Hopefully you enjoy it, but part of me also hopes that it flops and in 20 years somebody will try it again the right way.

    It, on the other hand, should be fantastic and I'm really looking forward to Gerald's Game as well.

    1. I'm really going to have to eventually insist on people using a name when they leave comments. How'm I supposed to tell all y'all Anonymouses apart? ;)

      I hope for one of these things to happen:

      (1) Great movie, huge hit, many sequels
      (2) Bad movie, miserable failure at the box office

      My preference is for the first. What I really don't want is either of these things to happen:

      (1) Bad movie, huge hit, many sequels
      (2) Great movie, huge flop

      I'll take the second one if I absolutely have to, though.

  2. Dan here, and I agree the Poster is amazing. A perfect image for the Bright... uhm, no... DARK Tower. ;-)
    (There is a poster version which takes care of this, not sure if official or not, though:
    On first sight at least. Maybe I shouldn't have looked further.

    This pic also brought the term "the upside down" to mind, which of course comes from somehwere else. But then I actually turned it upside down, and liked this " corrected" version not so much:

    - Flagg doesn't look much like Flagg there. Does he have short hair there? I avoided set pics, so this surprises me. And are these even Jeans? Sorry for saying that, but King is so specific about the things that Flagg wears that it matters more to me than the skin color of Roland, to be honest. In general he looks too much like your average villain there, imo.
    - And so do his henchmen. Are these supposed to be Low Men? Because if so, I would be very disappointed...

    But let's focus on the first impression, which still remains amazing. :-)

    1. I'm fine with that version of Flagg -- who likely won't be called Flagg -- even though he doesn't look much like the MIB of the books. I suspect he's sort of incognito, so that he blends into "our" world. He looks cool to me. I'm a McConaughey fan, though, so that was always likely to be my reaction.

      I didn't notice the image of the Tower hiding in the poster at all. I liked the poster before that; once that was pointed out to me, I fucking LOVE it.

  3. My issue is that while I would love a faithful adaptation of The Gunslinger, seeing a film version of 2-7 doesn't particularly excite me, and I think any studio would be absoutely nuts to commit to that narrative. So in theory, I'm fine with all of the changes so far, or at least the ones I know of. I like the idea of Flagg rounding up indivduals (including Jake) who "shine" in an attempt to topple the Tower, it's an element of the series I'm glad they're focusing on, as it's a concept that was never really developed to its full potential in the books, imo.

    I realize DT fans will cry foul at this not-in-any-way accurate adaptation, but I've always felt that series was always simply too weird, and the later books too anticlimactic, for this (or any) film to be anything but a new tale set in this universe King created. It was never in the cards for use to see The Crimson King throwing bombs off his balcony, and I'm okay with that.

    1. I can see where you're coming from. I once wrote of "The Gunslinger" that while I like/love everything that comes after, part of me wishes that novel had been all there was to the series. That bill wouldn't clear the Senate even in my own brain ... but PART of me wishes it.

      I don't think books 2-3 are problematic at all. You could craft a few awesome movies from those, and the same goes for book 4. Maybe even book 5. After that, it gets problematic, because as much as I love certain aspects of the final two books, I really don't know how you'd turn them into commercially viable films. No time to go into why that is; I suspect you already know.

      So yeah, I definitely see where you're coming from. But I think there's enough strong material there that a talented group of filmmakers could put it to good use. Rope in "Insomnia" and some of the other Tower-adjacent tales, and even better.

      We'll see!

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