Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Friend vs. Cancer

Today, I want to put an opportunity in front of you.  It's not a fortune-and-glory type of opportunity (he said, channeling Temple of Doom for some reason), but instead an opportunity to help somebody who needs some help.
My friend Trey Sterling -- you see him in the comments under the name "Xann Black" every so often -- recently underwent surgery to remove a malignant melanoma.  The surgery was a success, and while there is still a course of treatment(s) waiting on him, Trey's progress seems to be quite good.  This is because he's a badass.  However, the illness and (more importantly) recovery time have caused him to have to face an extended period away from work.  And I don't care how big a badass you are, bills are badder if they've teamed up with cancer to stop you from going to work for an extended period of time.
So here's the opportunity: to help.  If you're reading this and have a few bucks you don't think you'll need this week, kindly visit Trey's Go Fund Me page and donate to this worthy cause.
Let me tell you a little bit about Trey.  I've known him since ... oh, 2003ish.  He was in high school, and got hired to work at the place where I was a manager.  We got to be friendly, as often happens when nerds meet each other; and have been friends ever since.  We've been on vacations together a few times over the years, have watched all manner of movies and TV shows together, and have had major influences on each others' reading habits. 
With that in mind, if you've got the ability to send a few dollars, I'd like to ask you to consider sending them his way.  He's a good guy, and his parents are good people, and the rest of his family are good people, and their various dogs and cats are good animals.  They, none of 'em, ought to have to be going through any of this. 
Now, for your amusement, here is a photo of Trey murdering a dinner roll at Disney World:
Reuben (l): "God save that poor dinner roll."  Trey (m): "Die, dinner roll, die!"  Me (r): "Where MY dinner roll at?"
Good times.


  1. So say we all.

    (And seriously, FUCK that dinner roll! Motherfucker had it coming.)

    1. What's great about that photo -- other than literally everything (that's a perfect encapsulation of all three people pictured) -- is that it was taken immediately before I uttered a classic Bryant-ism. At least I think it was.

      We were all at Disney World for two of our friends' marriage, and this particular meal was at the restaurant inside Cinderella's castle. We had a large group; probably a dozen people or so. And when they brought the rolls out, they brought, like, two baskets containing three rolls. So just a wildly inadequate amount of bread. I believe this photo was taken while I was ruefully contemplating the lack of rolls, and at the end point of that mental process I uttered the assessment, "This is some bibbidi-bobbidi-bullshit." Much merriment resulted from this.

      Lest it sound like I'm slagging that restaurant, though, let me clarify: it was a BLAST. Good food, good fun, great location. That was a top-notch trip in general.

      Me and Trey keep talking about trying to get the band back together in that regard for another such trip, but circumstances haven't permitted for it yet. One o' these days!