A Guided Tour of the Kingdom: An Overview with Links

Recently, I completed a project that I'd been working on for much of the latter part of the year: my Guided Tour of the Kingdom, a chronological walk through Stephen King's career, from his pre-teen days to 2017.  (And onward, as will eventually be the case.)
I put this all together for several reasons: first, I simply wanted to immerse myself in my favorite hobby for a while, so as to have some fun.  Mission accomplished!
Second, I hope it might serve as a useful tool for people.  And a word about that is in order: guys, I'm no professional.  I've presented the facts in these posts as carefully as I could, but it's entirely possible there are errors.  If you find any, don't be shy about pointing them out so that I can correct them.  If they are there, they need ... correcting.
Third, this is going to serve as a sort of table of contents for my own use as regards my future blogging endeavors.  I want to cover more of the books, stories, movies, etc., and I want to do so in-depth; this, then, represents me throwing down a gauntlet of sort for myself.  Lots of blank spaces where there ought to be links, Bryant.  Don't you feel bad about that?  Don't you think you should ... correct that?
You bet.
And so (I hope) I shall, although it's going to take a while.
All that said, here is a set of links to each individual part of the 15-part series, along with a few images representing the most notable items covered within.











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