Major Adaptations of King's Work, 1976-2020

1976     Carrie  (feature film)
1979     Salem's Lot  (television miniseries)
1980     The Shining  (feature film)
1981     "The Lawnmower Man"  (comic book, issue of Bizarre Adventures)
1982     Creepshow  (feature film)
1982     Creepshow  (comic book)
1983     Cujo  (feature film)
1983     The Dead Zone  (feature film)
1983     Christine  (feature film)
1984     Children of the Corn  (feature film)
1984     Firestarter  (feature film)
1984     "The Word Processor of the Gods"  (television, episode of Tales from the Darkside)
1984     The Mist In 3D Sound  (audio drama)
1985     Cat's Eye  (feature film)
1985     Silver Bullet  (feature film)
1986     "Gramma  (television, episode of The Twilight Zone)
1986     Maximum Overdrive  (feature film)
1986     Stand By Me  (feature film)
1987     Creepshow 2  (feature film)
1987     The Running Man  (feature film)
1987     "Sorry, Right Number"  (television, episode of Tales from the Darkside based on an original
              teleplay by King)
1988     Carrie  (stage musical)
1989     Pet Sematary  (feature film)
1990     "The Cat from Hell"  (segment of the feature film Tales from the Darkside: The Movie)
1990     Graveyard Shift  (feature film)
1990     It  (television miniseries)
1990     Misery  (feature film)
1991     "The Moving Finger"  (television, episode of Monsters)
1991     Sometimes They Come Back  (television movie)
1991     Golden Years  (television series, based on original teleplays and stories by King)
1992     The Lawnmower Man  (feature film)
1992     Sleepwalkers  (feature film based on an original screenplay by King)
1993     The Dark Half  (feature film)
1993     The Tommyknockers  (television miniseries)
1993     Needful Things  (feature film)
1994     The Stand  (television miniseries)
1994     The Shawshank Redemption  (feature film)
1994     Salem's Lot  (radio drama)
1995     The Mangler  (feature film)
1995     Dolores Claiborne  (feature film)
1995     The Langoliers  (television miniseries)
1996     Thinner  (feature film)
1997     Pet Sematary  (radio drama)
1997     The Shining  (television miniseries)
1997     "Chattery Teeth"  (segment of the television movie Quicksilver Highway)
1997     "The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson"  (television, episode of The Outer Limits)
1997     Trucks  (television movie)
1997     The Night Flier  (feature film)
1998     "Chinga"  (television, episode of The X-Files based on an original teleplay by King)
1998     Apt Pupil  (feature film)
1999     Storm of the Century  (television miniseries based on an original teleplay by King)
1999     Secret Window, Secret Garden  (radio drama)
1999     The Green Mile  (feature film)
2001     Hearts In Atlantis  (feature film)
2002     Rose Red  (television miniseries based on an original teleplay by King)
2002     The Dead Zone  (television series; ran from 2002-2007)
2002     Carrie  (television movie)
2003     Dreamcatcher  (feature film)
2004     Secret Window  (feature film)
2004     Kingdom Hospital  (television series, based on screenplays and stories adapted by King and
              others from the Danish television series Riget)
2004     Salem's Lot  (television miniseries)
2004     Misery  (radio drama)
2004     Riding the Bullet  (feature film)
2006     Desperation  (television movie)
2006     Nightmares & Dreamscapes  (television miniseries)
2007     The Dark Tower  (comic-book series, ran 2007-2017)
2007     1408  (feature film)
2007     The Mist  (feature film)
2008     The Stand  (comic-book series, ran from 2008-2012)
2008     N.  (motion-comic web series)
2009     Dolan's Cadillac  (feature film)
2009     Children of the Corn  (television movie)
2010     N.  (comic-book miniseries)
2010     Haven  (television series; ran from 2010-2015)
2011     Bag of Bones  (television miniseries)
2012     "Throttle"  (comic-book miniseries, two issues of Road Rage)
2013     Ghost Brothers of Darkland County  (stage musical, based on an original book by King)
2013     Under the Dome  (television series; ran from 2013-2015)
2013     Dolores Claiborne (opera)
2013     Carrie  (feature film)
2014     A Good Marriage  (feature film)
2014     Mercy  (direct-to-video feature)
2014     Big Driver  (television movie)
2015     Misery  (stage play)
2016     11.22.63  (streaming miniseries)
2016     The Shining  (opera)
2016     Cell  (direct-to-video feature)
2016     "Pinfall"  (comic-book, adapted from unfilmed Creepshow 2 story concept)
2017     The Mist  (television series)
2017     The Dark Tower  (feature film)
2017     Mr. Mercedes  (television series; ran 2017-?)
2017     It  (feature film)
2017     Gerald's Game (feature film)
2017     1922 (feature film)
2018     Riverdale: "A Night to Remember"  (television episode, based on Carrie The Musical)
2018     Castle Rock (television series; ran 2018-?)
2019     Pet Sematary  (feature film)
2019     It: Chapter Two  (feature film)
2019     "Gray Matter" (television, episode of Creepshow)
2019     In the Tall Grass (feature film)
2019     Doctor Sleep  (feature film)
2020     The Outsider  (television miniseries)
2020     Sleeping Beauties  (comic-book miniseries)
2020     The Stand  (television miniseries, ran 2020-2021)

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