Books By Stephen King, 1974-2020

1974     Carrie  (novel)
1975     'Salem's Lot  (novel)
1977     The Shining  (novel)
1977     Rage  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1978     Night Shift  (collection)
1978     The Stand  (novel)
1979     The Long Walk  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1979     The Dead Zone  (novel)
1980     Firestarter  (novel)
1981     Roadwork  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1981     Danse Macabre  (nonfiction)
1981     Cujo  (novel)
1982     The Running Man  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1982     The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger   
             (novel/short story collection; mass-market edition published 1988)
1982     Different Seasons  (novellas)
1982     Creepshow  (graphic novel, with art by Berni Wrightson)
1983     Christine  (novel)
1983     Pet Sematary  (novel)
1983     Cycle of the Werewolf  (novella, with art by Bernie Wrightson)
1984     The Talisman  (novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub)
1984     Thinner  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1984     The Eyes of the Dragon  (novel; mass-market edition published 1987)
1985     Skeleton Crew  (collection)
1985     The Bachman Books  (omnibus)
1985     Silver Bullet  (screenplay)
1986     It  (novel)
1987     The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
             (novel, mass-market edition published 1989)
1987     Misery  (novel)
1987     The Tommyknockers  (novel)
1988     Nightmares in the Sky
             (coffee-table book; photography by f-stop Fitzgerald, introduced by King)
1989     The Dark Half  (novel)
1990     The Stand: For the First Time Complete & Uncut  (novel)
1990     Four Past Midnight  (novella collection)
1991     The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands   
             (novel, mass-market edition published 1992)
1991     Needful Things  (novel)
1992     Gerald's Game  (novel)
1992     Dolores Claiborne  (novel)
1993     Nightmares & Dreamscapes  (collection)
1994     Insomnia  (novel)
1995     Rose Madder  (novel)
1996     The Green Mile  (novel, published serially in six installments)
1996     Desperation  (novel)
1996     The Regulators  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
1997     The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass  (novel)
1997     Six Stories  (collection; limited edition)
1998     Bag of Bones  (novel)
1999     Storm of the Century  (screenplay)
1999     The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon  (novel)
1999     Hearts In Atlantis  (novel)
2000     On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft  (nonfiction)
2000     Secret Windows   
            (nonfiction collection, available only through the Book-of-the-Month Club)
2000     The Plant Book I: Zenith Rising
            (novel, published serially in six installments online; no print edition)
2001     Dreamcatcher  (novel)
2001     Black House  (novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub)
2002     Everything's Eventual  (collection)
2002     From A Buick 8  (novel)
2003     The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (Revised Edition)  (novel)
2003     The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla  (novel)
2004     The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah  (novel)
2004     The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower  (novel)
2004     Faithful  (nonfiction by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan)
2005     The Colorado Kid  (novel)
2005     'Salem's Lot (Illustrated Edition)   
             (reprint of novel with photo "illustrations" and deleted scenes)
2006     Cell  (novel)
2006     Lisey's Story  (novel)
2007     Blaze  (novel by "Richard Bachman")
2007     The Best American Short Stories 2007  (edited by Stephen King)
2008     Duma Key  (novel)
2008     Just After Sunset  (ollection)
2009     Stephen King Goes to the Movies   
            (collection of previously-collected material)
2009     Under the Dome  (novel)
2010     Blockade Billy  (novella)
2010     American Vampire, Vol. 1  
            (graphic novel, written with Scott Snyder with art by Rafael Albuquerque)
2010     Full Dark, No Stars  (novella collection)
2011     11/22/63  (novel)
2012     The Wind Through the Keyhole  (novel)
2013     Joyland  (novel)
2013     The Dark Man  (poem, illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne)
2013     Doctor Sleep  (novel)
2014     Mr. Mercedes  (novel)
2014     Revival  (novel)
2015     Finders Keepers  (novel)
2015     The Bazaar of Bad Dreams  (short story collection)
2016     End of Watch  (novel)
2016     Charlie the Choo-Choo  (children's picture book, excerpted and adapted from The Dark 
             Tower III: Waste Lands)
2016     Hearts In Suspension  (anthology, only partially written by King)
2017     Gwendy's Button Box  (novella, written with Richard Chizmar)
2017     Sleeping Beauties  (novel, written with Owen King)
2018     The Outsider  (novel)
2018     Flight Or Fright  (anthology edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent)
2018     Elevation  (novella)
2019     The Institute  (novel)
2020     If It Bleeds  (novella collection)


  1. I'm finishing up a reread of IT and am excited to read the Derry part of 11/22/63 afterwards. Then last night I was watching Dreamcatcher and saw the Tracker Brothers store and remembered that it would be fun to read the Derry passages in that book. I feel like there is another obvious Derry story can you think of any other Derry related stories that may have value reading after IT?

    1. "Insomnia," for sure, and arguably "Bag of Bones" (although Derry is only a minor element of it).

      Every time I remember that element of "11/22/63" it makes me happy.

  2. I want to read SO BADLY a story that King places in the world before it moved on. I want to hear of the world where Blaine and Patricia were brand new...

    1. I would be very excited to read that book. Maybe someday he'll write it!