Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gallery: "Salem's Lot" (1979)

Here's a cool thing I discovered: that key on my laptop which says "prt sc" is useful, especially when a DVD is playing.

As proof, and as a Halloween treat, I offer this gallery of screencaps from Salem's Lot.  Not much rhyme or reason to the selection process; I just grabbed stuff I thought was cool.

David Soul as Ben Mears

the Bates home Marsten House

a walk in the park through the eyes of Ben Mears

Ben is surprised by Straker outside the Marsten House

Ben ponders the Marsten House from his room at Eva's

Straker (James Mason) has a moment of doubt

Mike and Ned pick up a "valuable headboard"

Ned and Mike suspect they might have something other than a headboard

Julie Cobb as "Boom-Boom" Bonnie Sawyer

Cully has a two-hander for Larry

Ronnie Scribner as Ralphie Glick

Ralphie doesn't know visiting hours are over
Mike Ryerson is hearing sweet singing

Lance Kerwin as Mark Petrie

two outsiders in a small town

Geoffrey Lewis as Mike Ryerson
Barney McFadden as Ned Tebbets, pre-Barlow

Reggie Nalder as Kurt Barlow

Barney McFadden as Ned Tebbets, post-Barlow

bad news in the Petrie home
home-made faith

Clarissa Kaye as Marjorie Glick

Susan in the Marsten House

Bonnie Bedelia as Susan Norton
if Susan had watched more Hitchcock movies, she'd know this was a bad idea

Susan in her last human moments

Richard Straker: a procurer and a gentleman

Ben and Bill Norton in the Marsten House
Mark needs a rearview mirror

good for vampire-proximity alerts; does it also work for orcs?

Ben has an unpleasant task at hand before he can move on

the man in the moon has taken a turn for the worse

Happy Halloween!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's a pretty good-looking movie, so getting good screencaps from it didn't take much effort.

  2. I loved discovering this just now!

    2 years later you shared the prt scrn trick with yours truly, and my life changed forever...! At least the look of my blog and the memory on my external hard drive, anyway.

    I discovered this by trying to find if you wrote any review of the Rob Lowe Salem's Lot. I haven't seen it - I've heard nothing but bad things, but am considering a ranking-King's-mini-series sort of post.

    1. It gives me a big chuckle to think that all those years, I thought "prt scn" caused your printer to print whatever was on the screen right then. "Why in hell would anyone want that?!?" I remember thinking every once in a while.

      I still have no clue what the scroll-lock key did.

      I haven't written about the Salem's Lot remake. I don't like it at all. That's no reason for me not to write about it, of course; and I hope to get to it one of these days. But boy, yeah, it's awful. A good cast is almost entirely squandered. The whole thing looks shockingly cheap, and doesn't have even one iota of the mood and tone the Tobe Hooper movie/miniseries has.