Monday, March 5, 2012

A Non-Review of "The Dune"

When I sat down to write this review, I fully intended to issue a spoiler warning and then just dive right into discussing the story in full.

However, there is a voice inside me that is insisting that I not reveal the punchline of the dark joke that is "The Dune," and I have decided to heed it.

So ... what in the hell am I going to write about?


I feel certain I'll come up with something.  Any second now ... any second.

Got it!

I can give a slender description of the story without going into spoilery details: it's about a ninety-year-old retired Floridian judge, Harvey Beecher, who is having his will amended to include something about a small island he wants to have protected after he is gone.

More than that, I will not say.  

The story has not appeared in any of King's anthologies yet, obviously, but it is currently very obtainable.  The story made its print appearance late last year in issue #117 of Granta, a literary magazine which is published in book format.  Here's a link.  The story has also appeared in audio format, as a bonus story -- read, in excellent fashion, by Edward Herrmann -- on the "Mile 81" audiobook.  It is, in my opinion, an outstanding short story, one which will inevitably be one of the highlights of King's next (as-yet-nonexistent) collection of stories.

But I can't really explain why that is without telling you things which you deserve to discover on your own, so sorry for the cocktease, but that's about all you're getting out of me this time: a recommendation and some links.

Be back soon with a review -- a more substantial one than this, I hope! -- of "The Idiot's Ghost," a recently-published short story written by one of Steve's kids, Owen King.  It's a fine story, one well worth paying some attention to, and I figure I'm just the man to pay it.

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